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High Intertia Cylinder Allows More Aggressive Processing

Farming Magazine, Nov-Dec 2001

Dynamic designs provide distortion-free performance with less power.

Benefits of Using a High-Inertia, Enclosed Cylinder

Custom components like this High Inertia cylinder from Sunnybrook Welding


Replaceable Concave Wear Edges

Western Producer, May 6, 2004

Replacing an edge for $25.00 is far more economical than installing a new concave for thousands.

Sunnybrok concave wear edges enhance efficiency


John Deere Combine Upgrades

An overview of the Sunnybrook products available for John Deere equipment.

Sunnybrook combine customization has John Deere literature


Various sources

Reports from the field identifying results from a boronized rotor upgrade to combine equipment.

Combine beater bar from Sunnybrook featured in a Gleaner Testimonial





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