How SunnyBrook Welding will benefit the farming industry


Innovative, reversible, modular concave fabrication

Undoubtedly, our expertise lies in crafting innovative designs for threshing and separating. From initial concept to on-field trials, our unwavering commitment is to empower our customers. As a cohesive team, we continuously seek incremental enhancements that enable our customers to harvest the most profitable crops. Acknowledging our achievements, industry veteran and President of Production, Piet Boogaard, attributes Sunnybrook Welding's success to the dedication and expertise of our exceptional team.


We are your farm team

As a united team, continual improvement is at our core. From senior management to our dedicated production team, there's genuine passion for our work. With diverse experiences in agriculture, our team intimately understands the challenges and opportunities our customers face. Looking ahead to 2024 and beyond, we're confident in our company's resilience. Our well-rounded product mix strategically positions us to not only navigate challenges but to emerge stronger in an ever-evolving market.


The Sunnybrook team: manufacturing and selling combine parts for the major brands


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Piet Boogaard Piet Boogaard
Kyla Smith Kyla Smith


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Lorraine and Dale Lorraine and Dale
Gerald Foster Gerald Foster
Evelyn & Audin Njarheim Evelyn & Audin Njarheim


boron hardening is our strength



Sunnybrook Welding transcends the conventional notion of a welding shop. Armed with an impressive array of cutting-edge metal-working machinery and state-of-the-art boronizing systems, we emerge as your comprehensive solution center catering to a diverse range of agricultural and manufacturing needs. Equipped with brand new high-tech equipment, complemented with our team of skilled welders and metalworkers, we stand ready to fabricate the precise components essential for overcoming the challenges you encounter.


Sunnybrook's High Tech tool crib

Efficiency Solutions for the Agricultural Sector


Besides our significant selection of concaves, edges and rotors, Sunnybrook Welding has a range of services to help you with all of your metalcraft solutions. With our team of millwrights and welders, we can create, improve or repair the elements you need to get the job done; efficiently, timely and as reasonably priced as possible.



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