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Case IH hardened Concaves = enhanced efficiency

2022 Case IH All Crop insert breakdown 2022 Case IH All Crop insert breakdown

2022 Case IH All Crop. 2022 Case IH All Crop

2022 Case IH parts listing 2022 Case IH parts listing

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From the tried and true 1480 and 1680 series Case IH combines, all the way to the brand spanking new Flagship Machines, Sunnybrook Welding manufactures innovative box concave systems that produce results that save you time, save you money and, most importantly, save your back from needless strain and pain.


reversible, hardened case IH
half-width Concaves

Because less is more in rotary combine design.

All of our concaves are half-width, which means far less weight per concave module. This innovative design makes changing out damaged parts much more manageable and far less dangerous. Reversibility in replaceable box components is a feature that gives your concave double the durability by providing much greater protection from stone damage. It's like giving your housecat an extra nine lives.


Custom components - Higher Yields, Smarter Harvest

Sunnybrook Welding's precision-manufactured max thresh front segments, combined with our unique open designs at the back, produce a remarkably clean sample without the need to close the rotor concave clearances impacting the associated power draw. Less friction means less fuel used, giving you greater financial returns.


Reversible Combine Concaves mean
more efficient machinery

For the Flagship series, we have engineered a revolutionary new integrated front lip design available for the box's first left/right section. For farming applications that require incredibly close rotor-to-concave clearances, this innovation can improve material flow into the processor, decreasing your engine's power load significantly. Less power to the rotor means more power to you.


Save money with sunnybrook Advanced Concave Technology

In 2013 preliminary tests, power ratio improvement was so significant the participating US Custom Harvester dropped their head-to-head comparisons and moved quickly to equip both of their combine models with the revolutionary new Sunnybrook design. Having discovered how well it works for them, now you can experience what Sunnybrook innovations can do for you. Call us today to take the first step to greater harvest efficiency.



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