A Farmer's Guide to Maximizing Combine Performance

Ensuring You Run Efficiently This Harvest

For farmers, the combine harvester is one of the most essential pieces of equipment. Ensuring that it runs smoothly and efficiently can make a big difference in your harvest. Here at Sunnybrook, we understand the importance of maintaining your combine and using the best parts and strategies to enhance its performance. In this guide, we'll share some practical tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your combine each season.


Regular Maintenance

Keeping your combine in top shape starts with regular maintenance. This includes:

  • ·      Checking and changing the oil: Just like a car, your combine needs regular oil changes to keep its engine and other moving parts running smoothly.
  • ·      Inspecting and replacing filters: Air and fuel filters need to be checked and replaced regularly to prevent clogs and keep your engine healthy.
  • ·      Examining belts and chains: These can wear out over time, so check them for signs of wear and replace them if necessary.


Upgrading Parts

Upgrading certain parts of your combine can significantly enhance its performance:

  • ·      Advanced Concaves: Consider upgrading to Sunnybrook's advanced concaves, which are designed to maximize threshing efficiency and minimize grain damage.
  • ·      HighPerformance Chopper Blades: These can help you manage residue better, which is crucial for maintaining soil health and preparing for the next planting season.
  • ·      Durable Cylinders and Impellers: Upgrading to sturdier cylinders and impellers can improve your combine's handling of crops, especially under tough conditions.


Operational Strategies

How you operate your combine can also impact its efficiency:

  • ·      Adjust settings according to crop type: Different crops require different settings. Take the time to adjust your combine's settings based on the specific crop you are harvesting to optimize performance.
  • ·      Monitor speed: Going too fast can lead to poor threshing and grain loss. Maintain an optimal speed that matches the crop conditions and your combine's capacity.
  • ·      Plan your routes: Use GPS technology to plan efficient harvesting routes. This reduces the time spent turning and maneuvering, which can lower fuel consumption and wear and tear.


Why It Matters

These maintenance tips, upgrades, and operational strategies are crucial for maximizing the performance of your combine. Not only do they help prevent breakdowns and reduce downtime, but they also ensure that you get the best possible yield from your fields. By using Sunnybrook's high quality parts, you can further enhance your combine's efficiency and durability, ensuring it performs well season after season.


Your combine harvester is a significant investment, and maximizing its performance is key to a successful harvest. By following these tips and choosing the right parts from Sunnybrook, you can keep your machinery in peak condition and achieve better results each year. Happy farming!

Author: Piet Boogaard

Pieter Boogaard is the President of Production at Sunnybrook Welding and thought leader in the agriculture industry.


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