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RAPTORWERKZ INC. specializes in the metallurgical process of thermochemical BORONIZING (also called boriding). This process works by diffusing the chemical element, boron, into the surface of a metal item to significantly increase hardness and strength. Listed as an incredibly tough 9.5 on the Mohs Scale of relative hardness, boron is the element, that makes the Owens-Corning product, Pyrex, so much stronger than regular glass.


What boronizing can do for you

You are an innovative manufacturer that wants to improve the quality and durability of your product without pricing yourself out of the market. One quick call to our systems experts will reveal how we can include task specific boronizing solutions to your manual or automated manufacturing and assembly systems. With our unique expertise, we can advise you on how to make boronizing a cost-effective way of improving your products, your processess and your profits.


Products for your Processes; Service for your Systems

Our menu of surface hardening products and services include:


Get a competitive edge with raptorwerkz boronizing Systems

Call today to see how we can make your metal products tougher, harder, stronger and more durable. Qualities that your market demands.



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