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Sunnybrook Concaves

The Sunnybrook design, modern technology and precision workmanship by trained technicians has made Sunnybrook products some of the most sought after in the market today.

Conventional Concaves
Conventional Concaves
  • Heavier and more durable.
  • Removable filler plates.
  • Line bored to fit the cylinder properly.
  • Black or chrome concaves available.
  • Over 80 different models manufactured.
  • Made from a high grade wear resistant steel.
  • Available in different wire spacings to suit your harvest conditions.

In-Line Rotary Concaves
In-Line Rotary Concaves
  • Thicker & deeper threshing bars maintain alignment.
  • Threshing bars overlap endplates for smooth crop flow and less crop damage.
  • Most available wide or narrow space, mix or match for your crop requirements.
  • Curvature matches original equipment.
  • Available for Case IH, White, Massey Ferguson, New Holland.

Transverse Rotary Concaves
For N or R Series Gleaner Modified Concaves
Transverse Rotary Concaves
  • Precision Line Bored - mirrors cylinder curvature.
  • Available in 1" or 2" spacing
  • Removable filler plates for crop variations.
  • Black or chrome to match your crops / conditions.
  • Standard concave is bolt-in, heavier construction.
  • Modified concave with 30%+ more threshing area than O.E.M. is easily installed.

Transverse P3 Rotary Concaves
For R40/42, R50/52, R62, R72 Gleaner
Rotary Concave
  • Precision milled to mirror cylinder curvature.
  • Available in Standard Narrow or High Wire Wide center grate spacing.
  • Optional filler plates for crop variations.
  • Black or chrome to match your wear requirements.

What Others Say
"I installed a new concave from Sunnybrook Mfg. (Sunnybrook, Alberta, Canada) in my Deere 6601 combine and it's my best buy. The concave has more bars than the original one on the combine. It comes with four filler plates and virtually eliminates white caps, cracked grain, and loss over the walkers. It also has noticeably more capacity. It turned my 6601 into a real combine. It's truly a best buy."

Farm Show Magazine - Vol. 23 - No. 1 - 1999.